Bute Coaching is a subsidiary of The Bute Group.  Bute Coaching was formed with the sole purpose of offering professionals a company that can and will deliver and outstanding coaching service.  Our key agenda is your success.   Our coaches are well versed in both coaching and ‘real world’ experiences.  Bute Coaching does not have a prescriptive approach, one size definitely does not fit all.  We do however, have a toolbox of tried and tested methods, tools and processes that we work with to ensure that you get the best from your sessions.   We also have access to The Bute Group’s other subsidiaries for additional tools when required.

We offer what is essentially an end to end service, with the three subsidiaries.  The Bute Group was formed to ensure that businesses have a recognised and proven partner for all their people development requirements. This ensures consistent language, methodologies, frameworks etc are implemented and recognised throughout the business from those starting out, to those leading your business.   Each of The Bute Group’s subsidiaries specialises in a key area of people development. The 3:2 Management Development Programme exclusively provides group development for first line managers through to Board Level; this is delivered with targeted programmes.   Bute Learning and Development's niche is in the development of your junior staff members through to supervisory level and these are delivered in one and two-day workshops.  And, of course Bute Coaching…


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